Athens Coast

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Athens Coast has grouped together ideas of how to spend your free time in the coastal communities of Athens, Greece.  You will find things to do ranging from special events to fitness and related ideas.  A great resource for local residents as well as visitors.

Food Around Athens fruit market

‘Food Around Athens’ Food Tour

This tour was so much more than just a food tour.  They should rename it, “Food, History, Culture and Good Banter Around Athens”.  I suppose that is a bit long though. We met up with Rachel in Monastiraki square on a GORGEOUS September...

Anchor Seaside Cafe Saronida

Anchor Seaside Cafe in Saronida

Anchor Seaside Cafe in Saronida is personally one of my favorite spots in the summer because it has a swimming pool AND the beach option just across the road. If you are looking to get out of Athens and want to go a bit farther out than the suburbs...

Mother Daughter Greece

Mother & Daughter Trip to Athens

Alicia from Mexico contacted me with some questions about her upcoming trip to Greece with her mom.  My mom is my favorite travel companion (don’t tell my husband!) so I wanted to give her really thorough advice so that they could totally...