Akanthus Beach Club + Nalu Cafe = 365 Days of FUN

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Akanthus Beach Club | Athens Coast
Akanthus Beach and neighboring Nalu Cafe are Athens Coast staples for good vibes- chillin’ by day and partying all night long.

Akanthus Beach

One of the most popular beaches on Alimos’ Akti tou Iliou (Sun Coast) happens to be one of the hottest night clubs as well.  Akanthus is a truly place to be seen.

Hop off the tram at Zefyros and veer left (when facing the sea).  The entrance to the beach is next to Nalu-which may be more visible as you walk in.  Nalu is the sister property to Akanthus and some people refer to Akanthus beach as Nalu beach.  Whatever you call it, it is a great beach to spend time at.

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Admission here is the same as all Akti tou Iliou beaches, 5-8€ depending on the day.  I suggest that you arrive early because this beach is very popular and fills up quick.

The vibe is chilled, with easy listening modern music playing during the day.  As the afternoon gets going, the tempo usually increases.

The design and decor is a bit more contemporary compared to their tropical themed neighbor Bolivar.

Ankathus Beach has a typical beach snack menu with cocktails, coffees and all that jazz.  If you are looking for more options, Nalu is right next door with a full menu.  I’ve spent the day on the beach and reserved a table at Nalu for dinner and that worked splendidly.

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One of the premier names in clubbing in Athens, Akanthus has a summer home in Alimos.  It is common for clubs in Athens to move to the coast during the summer months and then relocate in the center for the winter.

I don’t know what else to say but, “Akanthus is poppin’!”

If you want to get a taste of true Greek nightlife, this is must for your list!  Whether DJs or singers, the majority of their entertainers are Greek.  If you are visiting or new to the area, add some culture to your clubbing night out.

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Nalu All Day Cafe

This line on their website resonated with me, ‘Beachside Cafe Playground’.  That is a tag line that I can get behind!

Nalu is open year round and has continually been an ‘it’ spot on the Coast since they opened their doors.

A place to meet friends for coffee or lunch during the day turns into a spirited bar in the evening.

Most of my trips to Nalu have been for coffee or drinks, but I did have dinner with a small group one evening after the beach and everyone was very happy with their dishes.

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Nalu is a great place to hang in the summer, but I feel like it shines in the winter.

During the summer months there are so many places to go along the Coast.  You can spend all of your days at different beaches with different seaside dinning at night.  If you’d like, you can constantly be outside with the Aegean close by.  In the winter, it is a different story.

If there is a sunny day in January, I guarantee that you will find the outdoor terrace at Nalu full.  Athenians are out in full force when the sun is shinning (especially in the winter)!

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Nalu Nights

This end of Akti tou Iliou likes to party.

Nalu hosts a variety of events and performers.  There is always something going on during the weekend and on some weeknights as well.  Check out their facebook event page if you feel up for some action > Nālu Café 

PS- Nalu has may favorite decor on the Coast

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From Akanthus Beach days during the summer to Nalu Friday night parties in the winter, this address =fun 365 days a year!

Leof. Posidonos, Alimos 174 55

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