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Greece is famous for its traditional cuisine.  Along the Athens Coast you will find traditional Greek food as well as a wide variety of international cuisine.  Everything from fast food to high-end, gourmet dining is waiting for you on the Coast.

Oh Mama Brunch and Cocktails Glyfada.JPG ATTACHMENT DETAILS Oh Mama Brunch and Cocktails Glyfada

Oh Mama Brunch & Cocktails

Oh Mama popped onto the scene in the summer of 2017 and has not stopped poppin’ since. If you have walked down Kyprou street in Glyfada, you surely have noticed Oh Mama nestled back among the trees of this residential/kinda business area.  The...

Moouu Glyfada

Moouu Quality Meats : More Than Just a Steakhouse

Moouu is a steakhouse offering a wide variety of choice beef cuts.  This type of steakhouse is a rare find in Athens and the only one of its kind in Glyfada. Moouu started out as half of the size as what it is today.  When they expanded and added a...

Dafnofilo Glyfada Greece

Dafnofillo- Greek Gastronomic Essence in Glyfada

Dafnofillo opened in the spring of 2016 and has a bit more of an upper-class feel than its neighbors on Kondyli St off the main plateia in central Glyfada. Dafnofillo has a large protected outdoor courtyard area (completely covered in the winter)...

Steki Kalamaki Voula

Steki Kalamaki in Voula

Steki Kalamaki has been a Voula favorite since it first opened its doors in 2011.  Their location, just off the main Voula Plateia, makes it a great place to meet friends and enjoy some good food in a friendly atmosphere. What’s a Steki? Here...

Brunch Athens Voula

Brunching on the Athens Coast : Sunday Funday

Brunch has hit the Athens Coast in full force! For years brunch wasn’t really a thing here in Athens.  If you wanted to go out for breakfast, you went to a local bakery or grabbed a cheese pie /τυρóπιτα from Everest. “Sunday...

Gyro Glyfada

Craving a Gyro in Glyfada? Here are our top picks

Gyros are the food that most people associate with Greece.  Rightfully so!  It is the national ‘fast food’. Tasty, cheap and easy to eat on the go, what’s not to love about these things!? Make sure and check out our Gyro 101 to...

SIN Burger Bar

SIN Burger Bar in Palaio Faliro: Official Review

If you’re a burger enthusiast, then the hunt for the “best burger” never ends. Even when you think you might have stumbled upon the best burger of all time, a part of you knows well that somewhere, some place, there is a burger that’s even better...

pita gyro best in athens

Gyro and Souvlaki 101- Learn the Basics

Gyros are something that everyone HAS to try when visiting Greece. We’re going to break it down for you so you know exactly what to order when you hit up the local gyro place. The literal translation of gyro is ‘round’, so if you picture that large...