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Steki Kalamaki Voula
Steki Kalamaki has been a Voula favorite since it first opened its doors in 2011.  Their location, just off the main Voula Plateia, makes it a great place to meet friends and enjoy some good food in a friendly atmosphere.

What’s a Steki?

Here is your Greek language lesson for the day…  Στέκι/Steki has a literal translation of ‘haunt’ as in ‘local haunt’ or in modern day language, ‘hangout’.  The owners have done an excellent job in creating just that!  A great local spot, with a casual atmosphere and friendly service.   If there is a football match on, you will notice some of the patrons with their eyes glued to the TV screens.  

As for the second part of the name, Καλαμάκι/Kalamaki (as mentioned in our article Gyro and Souvlaki 101) is a stick with small pieces of grilled meat.

So basically, a place to hangout and eat meat on a stick.  Sign us up!

What to Order

We went with recommendations of a Steki Kalamaki loyalist and were not let down.  Our selections were pretty meat heavy, but there was a salad involved as well, so not 100% carnivorous.

Steki Kalamaki Salad

I’m a fan of any sort of balsamic/honey/mustard dressing on a salad.  Throw on some croutons, parmesan flakes and raisins and I’m sold.

Steki Voula

Bekri Meze / Μπεκρή μεζέ

The translation of this dish in English is ‘drunkard’s appetizer’.  It’s a winter dish that is very flavorful and rich.  Bekri meze is meat (in this instance beef), sauteed with peppers, onions and tomatoes and then slow cooked in a olive oil and wine sauce.

Bekri Meze Greece


This was my first time trying this typical Greek dish.  What can I say?  I lead a sheltered life!  Kontosouvli is big pieces of pork marinated and wrapped in lamb fat, roasted on a spit over the grill.  At Steki Kalamaki it is served with mustard and red onions.


Chicken Paidakia/ Κοτόπουλο Παϊδάκια

Lamb Paidakia  is a popular Greek dish found throughout Greece in many tavernas.  Chicken Paidakia (a whole chicken chopped up, marinated and grilled) is not as widespread.  Perhaps it is because it is a mastered skill and not just anybody can get it right.  The Chicken Paidakia at Steki Kalamaki was perfect.  The right amount of char on the outside and juicy chicken on the inside.

chicken paidakia

Steki Kalamaki has a large beer list from small breweries all over Greece.  It’s definitely a welcoming place to meet up with friends, have a beer and enjoy some good food.

Check out their menu in English >

Greek Vocabulary

a hangout / haunt = στέκι | steki

small piece of grilled meat on stick, also the word for ‘straw’ = καλαμάκι | kalamaki 

chicken =κοτόπουλο| kotopoulo

Steki Kalamaki
Address: Plastira 10, Voula 166 73
Phone: 21 0899 6080
Hours: 12pm-12:30am

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