Discovering Italian Delights at Peccati di Gola in Glyfada

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peccati di gola - italian restaurant glyfada

When the craving for authentic Italian cuisine strikes in Athens, there’s a place where all gastronomic roads lead: Peccati di Gola. Nestled in the chic heart of Glyfada, this cozy establishment is a testament to the simple yet profound pleasures of Italian cooking. From the first bite to the last, Peccati di Gola promises a culinary journey that is as memorable as it is delicious.

First Impressions

Walking into Peccati di Gola, you’re greeted by an elegant atmosphere that’s both welcoming and refined. The warmth of the staff mirrors the comfort of the surroundings, making you feel like a guest at a family gathering in Napoli. It’s clear from the bustling tables that reservations are a good idea—a testament to the restaurant’s popularity among locals and visitors alike.

The Menu – A Culinary Opera

As the curtain rises on the meal, each dish sings arias of flavor. Patrons rave about the homemade pasta—each strand and shape a carrier of sauce and tradition. The pizza, a star in its own right, features a dough that’s a masterclass in the art of Neapolitan pizza-making, wood-fired to perfection.

A glance at a plate from Peccati di Gola reveals more than a meal; it’s a work of art. Take, for example, the pasta dish generously adorned with truffles, capturing the essence of Italian luxury. Or the sea bass, a harmonious blend of freshness and finesse. The grilled octopus, a favorite among many, is a culinary ode to the sea.

Beyond Pasta and Pizza

While pasta and pizza might be the headliners, the supporting acts are equally compelling. The seafood selection shines, bringing the Mediterranean’s bounty to your table with an Italian twist. Adventurous palates are rewarded with choices like risotto colored with squid ink or the delicate sea bass carpaccio.

But let’s not forget about the grand finale: desserts. The mango pannacotta is a symphony of sweetness, and the tiramisu, a well-balanced act that leaves you applauding for more.

A Toast to the Experience

Pairing these dishes with a selection from the extensive wine list, featuring Italian labels that range from robust reds to sparkling whites, elevates the dining experience. The balsamic vinegar, described as “out of this world,” hints at the attention to detail that Peccati di Gola dedicates to even the simplest ingredients.

The Verdict – Encore!

Customers leave with a promise to return, lured back by the memories of a meal where every flavor tells a story. Whether it’s the spicy breadsticks, the truffle-topped pizza, or the smile of the hospitable hosts, Peccati di Gola leaves an indelible mark on your culinary map.

Peccati di Gola is more than a restaurant; it’s a destination for those who treasure the joy of dining. It stands as a must-visit for Italian food lovers and anyone seeking a slice of la dolce vita in Athens. As you finish your meal and step out into the Athenian night, you carry with you the flavors, the laughter, and the satisfaction of an evening well spent.

What to Order – Our Personal Favorites

  • Breadsticks – a mix of spicy and regular
  • Roka salad with figs and goat cheese
  • Beef carpaccio
  • Diavola pizza
  • Amatriciana pasta (pictured in the feature image)
  • Truffle gnocchi


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