5 Must-Try Restaurants in Athens that are Not Greek

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The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think about Greek food are gyros and tzatziki. However, Greek cuisine is one of the most diverse in the world.They’re known for amazing seafood, pastries and more.

Athens is a bustling city with beautiful sights and sounds. Restaurants and cafes with a worldly flavor also call Athens home, from the coast to the center. 

Below, we round up five restaurants worth trying, even if you only spend 36 hours here, that goes beyond the gyro. Kali orexi!

Amigos Glyfada

We start our culinary adventure on the coast. Nestled in the trendy Athenian suburb of Glyfada is Amigos. This restaurant serves up some of the tastiest Mexican food for your Tuesday taco nights. On Thursdays, enjoy an authentic Latin night with dancing and live entertainment. 

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At Aladdin in Palaio Faliro, you’ll be surprised to find the best Lebanese food in Athens. I may be a little biased because it’s the only one I’ve visited but this restaurant, found in 1992, will not disappoint. It all started when a man named Alexandros wanted to bring Eastern flavors to the small Athenian neighborhood.

Nikkei Peruvian Resto-Bar

If you feel like splurging (i.e., treating yourself) on your visit to Athens, then don’t miss the opportunity to visit Kolonaki. This Athenian neighborhood is reminiscent of New York’s SoHo. The innovative menu at Nikkei combines the gastronomy of Peruvian food that is cooked, by Chef Spiros Mavroidis, using Japanese techniques. If you’re on the islands be sure to visit their Mykonos outpost. 

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Los Loros

Now we find ourselves in the magical Plaka. This small grab-and-go style restaurant serves a cuisine near and dear to my heart–Colombian (and Venezuelan). Chef Marko Rossi opened Los Loros in 2016 offering a gluten-free experience. Their menu includes arepas, empanadas, Cuba Libres and café.

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Our journey ends at a popular establishment that’s hard to miss if you’re visiting. It’s conveniently located steps away from the main Syntagma Square. The food here takes on a creative bridging of Greek and Asian flavors – from street food of Beijing and Vietnam to the all-time favorite fried chicken.

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Kevin Mejia
Kevin is based in New York and works in the public relations industry. He visits Greece regularly and has been an Athens Coast enthusiast since day one.


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