“Personal Paparazzi in Athens” AirBnB Experience

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We moved to Glyfada for 2 months during our journey living abroad in Europe.

After some exploring in the coastal suburb of Glyfada, we wanted to check out the city of Athens and also have some photos taken to help promote my yoga teaching on Growth Gal. While I figured this would be two separate events, I was surprised when I found an Airbnb experience called “Personal Paparazzi in Athens”.

While we typically book our apartments through Airbnb, this was my first time considering an experience on the platform. The experience promised a walking tour, where we could discover some of the tour guide’s favorite streets, places and corners in Athens, while a professional photographer will snap some pictures.

What? I can go on a tour with a local AND get the photoshoot I was looking for? Sign me up!

I packed a bag of yoga outfits and my boyfriend and I took a taxi (€19) into the city centre. We met Argy, our friendly local tour guide and photographer, at Telaro, a nice coffee shop in the centre where friendly cats roamed the entrance.

Once we met and introduced ourselves, we started on the walking tour of Athens. I shared that I wanted to capture some yoga poses that I could use for promoting my yoga business

Argy grew up in Athens and was enthusiastic about meeting us and sharing our time together. Argy let us know that if there was anything in particular to capture, to just let him know. Otherwise, he’ll ask us to pose in some areas and also capture some candids.

We started in Monastriraki Square while it was still relatively quiet. He walked us down the streets filled with flea markets and tourist shops. We walked through ΕΜΠΡΟΣ (meaning move forward), as we took in all of the graffiti art and posed for a few photos.

yoga athens

For the next 4 hours, we walked around beautiful sunny Athens. We’d pause when Argy had history to share about the area we were walking through, making stops in churches, the Acropolis, and some hidden corners we would have never found otherwise.

Dani and Max

Argy was easy to talk to and had a wealth of knowledge to share. Previously, he was a photojournalist that took photos during the riots in Greece. Because of his background, he had plenty to share about recent history in addition to ancient and modern history.

Not only was Argy knowledgeable and friendly, but once we got the photos back in less than 24 hours, we also witnessed how truly talented he is at capturing both the city and our experience.

athens tour photography

I never thought I’d be one to hire a photographer to take photos of me walking around a new city, but after this experience, I’d consider it top of the list. I now have photos to share with my family and to capture an amazing afternoon in Athens. Plus, now I have plenty of content to start promoting my yoga business, Growth Gal.

If you’re coming to Athens and you want to experience the city first-hand with a talented and friendly local, you just found your perfect experience.

namaste athens


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