The Breakdown of Glyfada’s Public Beach Areas

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Glyfada Public Beach Athens
Glyfada is home to the largest stretch of public beach in all of Athens.  It is easily accessible by the tram and a short walk from all of central Glyfada’s action.

How to get to Glyfada Beach

Starting from the tram stop Κέντρο Ιστιοπλοΐας / Kentro Istioploias, the Glyfada public beach area goes on for another 2.5km heading south.  This stretch is not all entirely beach, there are marinas mixed in and a few restaurants and cafes as well.

If you are coming from the center of Athens, the tram is the easiest way to get to the beaches.  From Syntagma square it will take about 40 minutes to get to the Glyfada beach on the tram.  For visitors to the area, this is a great way to see the Coast!

Staying in Glyfada?  Slip on your finest walking flip flops and hit the pavement.  These beaches are totally within walking distance.  You can also hop on the tram and take it for a few stops, depending on where you are staying.

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Glyfada Beach Tram Stops


 Glyfada Beach Areas

On my handy little google map I created, I labeled the 5 main beach areas according to MY names for them.  I haven’t really found official names for each of the different areas.  I’ll start from the center of Glyfada and work my way away from there.

Glyfada Kentro Beach

This beach is a 5 minute walk from the main Metaxas shopping street.  This beach is popular in the ‘off-season’ for strolling along the waterfront.  Because of it’s proximity to central Glyfada, people will pop down and walk along it to add a taste of the sea to their day.

There is a newly renovated ‘fish market’ along side of this beach where you will find local fisherman selling their catch-of-the-day in the morning.

Ark is located a bit south of this beach and Νικόλας της Σχοινούσας is on the other end.

Touristico Beach

I call this beach Touristico because it is a small little area located next to a famous Glyfada landmark, the Τουριστικό Περίπτερο and Zervas Restaurant.

I have visited this beach, but have never entered the water there.  It’s close to my house, so if I want to grab some quick sun, I’ll head down there.  Why don’t I go in?  The water is in a confined space between two marinas, so you can do the math.

The city of Glyfada has added some new landscaping to all of the beaches and a few other features like tiki umbrellas, changing rooms and benches are scattered along the coast.

Glyfada Beach 3

Also close to my house, this is where I go when I am hanging at the public beach.  It is a large sandy beach with pebbles along the shore.  The water here has a chance to recycle itself as it is a larger area, so you don’t have the same issue as the Touristico Beach.

There is a kiosk not too far from this beach so you can easily grab your snacks and drinks because there is no longer any cafe open on this beach.  The Palmyra Hotel is a block away from this beach area.

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Glyfada Beach 2

Separating beach 1 and 2 from each other is the Mansion Peninsula (remember, I am making up all of these names).  Mansion is a popular day club/swimming pool/cafe/restaurant that sits on the Glyfada coastline.

The Hotel London is one block inland from this beach and offers fabulous roof-top dining.

During busy beach season, there are people selling things along the beach.  Typical beach peddling that you find all over the world.  However, something that I have seen here, that I haven’t seen in other places, is people selling water and drinks from a cooler.  I’m sure this is not legal in any way, but if it saves me a trip to the kiosk, I’m down for some criminal activity.

Glyfada Beach 1

This beach usually has the most people- I am guessing because it is the first tram stop coming in from central Athens.  On one side of this beach you will find Glyfada Marina 4 (home to the famous Δελφίνια seafood restaurant) and on the other side, ruins from the 2004 Olympics.

Across the street from this beach is the Bomo Club Palace Hotel which sets up chairs and offers a beach canteen in the summer months.

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Coastie Tip! 

There are not many options to satisfy your appetite or thirst immediately on these beaches.  They are all located within a 10 min walk to a kiosk, mini-market or take away cafe, but I suggest to plan ahead before you set out for the day.

Not a fan of the beach?

Even if you aren’t a big “beach person”, it is still a cool area to check out and walk along.  There are numerous marinas to explore and even a sea turtle rescue center.  If you are staying in another area of Athens and spending the day in Glyfada, grab a coffee and head down to the seaside and enjoy the fresh air.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the Glyfada Beach or the area in general.  Contact me or ask a local!

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Glyfada Beach | Athens Coast

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