Athens Area Yoga Retreats for Spring 2019

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Need of a bit of photo-synthesis and sparkle after what has been an uncharacteristically wet and windy winter in Athens?

Your own Athens Coast yoga guru has a run down on the best Yoga Retreats coming up in the spring months a short hop, skip or downward dog from Athens.

Give your sun salutations a practice just in time before the Greek summer shows up!

Nefeli Nine: The Fitness One

Nefeli Nine Retreat

What: A 7 Day Luxury Hiking and Fitness Retreat
When: May 5-11 2019
Where: Marathonas, Dikastika

Nefeli Nine is offering to fitness lovers in search of some re-invigoration a 6-Day/7-night luxury escape a 45 minute distance from Athens.

Aside from offering yoga practice, mobility and workout sessions are also on offer to attendees. Then to help shake all that winter wilting or sluggishness you can also explore the area around the hotel with daily hikes.

If you are asking yourself what about the relax.. well, the clever Nefeli Nine team have thought of that too by offering you 2 invigorating massages during your stay to balance out the fitness and rejuvenating benefits of yoga.

Jessica was lucky enough to experience this retreat in the fall.

Nefeli Nine Luxury Fitness Retreat

YogaMe Retreats: The Greek Crafts One

YogaMe Retreat

What: A 5 Day purifying and regenerating retreat
When: April 18-22 2019
Where: Oikia Karapanou, Aegina

Fancy getting up from your 9-5 creation station and channeling your creative energy into a craft inspired island retreat? Just the thing to get your yogi vibe and creative-self combo on a short ferry ride from Athens.

The YogaMe Retreats girls have organised a retreat to combine Meditation and Yoga staples with 3 RelaxMe workshops on: making bees wax lip balm, a “komboloi” (Greek worry beads) and cooking a Greek recipe, for regenerating your body and mind surrounded by the residences’ lush gardens.

You’ll also get a cultural palette pleaser with an excursion to the Temple of Aphaia.

Ready to get your creative vibe on? > Facebook Event

Lynn’s Kundalini Yoga: The Fun Watersport One

Lynn's yoga retreat

What: A 7 day California style surfing retreat
When: June 3-9 2019
Where: Gialistari pension, Mesakti Beach, Armenistis, Ikaria

Are you tempted into going to the mythical island where time stands still dating back to the time of the Odyssey why not combine it with your own sea-based yoga adventure?

Combining Kundalini yoga and California style surf instruction this is a retreat to build up the summer vibe before the summer crowd shows up.

You will be offered 3 surf lessons taught by instructors from the Ikaria Surf School and.. tadahhh.. the author of the books “Headstart for Happiness” and “The Nine Keys” offers your yoga instruction so you know you will be in capable hands of a yogi who practices what she preaches.

Read to hang zen? > Facebook Event

Good luck in choosing your own yoga sanctuary from this select collection to start your summer off suitably shiny.

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