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Oh Mama popped onto the scene in the summer of 2017 and has not stopped poppin’ since.

If you have walked down Kyprou street in Glyfada, you surely have noticed Oh Mama nestled back among the trees of this residential/kinda business area.  The reason you can’t miss it is because it is always busy.  In the evenings people are spilling out on to the streets!

On a personal note, I was SO EXCITED when I saw their sign go up, because let’s be honest- brunch and cocktails are two of the greatest things on earth.

A Relaxed Vibe

For about 8 months of the year, the front of Oh Mama reminds me of a posh hipster’s front yard.  There is a grass area with various boho seating options and then a ‘front porch area’ full of cushiony benches and eclectic chairs.

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Inside the eclectic decor continues with a bit of industrial flare, but definitely cozy.  COZY FTW!

They have a few velvet covered double bar stools and I basically lost my cool when I saw those.  Why does every bar not have ‘love-seat bar stools’?!?!

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Brunch Supreme

Oh Mama’s brunch is the real deal.

Some places in Athens advertise that they do brunch and do not offer a true brunch menu.  They’ll either just offer breakfast items or call anything that serve on a Sunday, brunch.  “I’ll have the brunch steak and potatoes, please.” — umm no, that is not brunch!  I’m not going to go all English teacher here and get into the definition of brunch, but I’m glad that these guys know what it means.

I opted for chicken and waffles because I feel like that is a brunchy thing to get.  The funny thing is, I am American and had never had this quintessential Southern US dish before I moved to Greece and tried it here.  My husband has ordered it at a few places here, and today was the first time I ordered it all by myself.

Just look at it!  I bet your mouth is watering.

My brunch buddy ordered the Old School Hashbrowns which are potato pancakes with sour cream and egg (pictured above in feature photo)- also very tasty.

The brunch menu is served from 10am-6pm, and then they switch to a dinner menu.

The prices are reasonable by Glyfada standards and the staff is attentive and friendly.

Cocktail Time

Once the sun goes down and people are thinking less about pancakes and more about craft cocktails, the vibe switches at Oh Mama.

Summer evenings here are perfect!  But don’t be deterred to hit up Oh Mama in the cooler months, they enclose  the patio area and there is a party going on inside all year long, with DJs performing on weekends.

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Why you should go to Oh Mama

I really like the sunken patio area and cozy atmosphere they have.

The double bar stools are also a big plus for this establishment and the whole place is very instagramable.

During the day, inside there is no smoking, so a nice place for families.

Oh and the brunch.  Go for the brunch!

Oh Mama Brunch & Cocktails
Address: Kiprou 48, Glifada 166 75
Phone: 21 0898 6049
Hours: 10am-2am
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/ohmamagr


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