Dafnofillo- Greek Gastronomic Essence in Glyfada

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Dafnofilo Glyfada Greece
Dafnofilo Courtyard
Dafnofillo opened in the spring of 2016 and has a bit more of an upper-class feel than its neighbors on Kondyli St off the main plateia in central Glyfada.

Dafnofillo has a large protected outdoor courtyard area (completely covered in the winter) with a very modern interior. In the courtyard we find the traditional white tables with a cobblestone ground and lazy trees casting shade.

They host live music events on weekends and have a large capacity for seating, so it is a great place for large groups. It is always a good option when all of the restaurants on Kondyli St are packed (weekend afternoons) and free tables are a scarcity.

The menu at Dafnofillo is Greek/Mediterranean. You will find all of the classics as well as some nouveau twists on traditional Mediterranean dishes. Basically, they can please everyone. Meat, fish, salads, pasta, mezedes, you name it, they have it!

Sunday Roast (literally)

On Sundays they set themselves apart from their neighboring restaurants by offering lamb cooked on the spit (is it a spit!?!  It is like a pyramid spit).  It’s called Antikristo (roasted meat around the fire) and it is the Cretan style of roasting the meat. The interesting thing about this experience is that they have the this meat cooking inside the enclosed area in the winter time. I have eaten here in January and the enclosed courtyard space is big enough that the smoke isn’t an issue.

Lamb Glyfada

Let’s eat!

They come up with a mezedes tray to start things off.  A great upselling technique found in a few places in the area. How can you not order just a few when they visually tempt you from the comfort of your very own table?

Mezedes Tray

I really dig their tzatziki.  Its my FAVORITE and I’ve sampled quite a bit in my time on this planet. After the first time that I had eaten there, I forced my husband to go back the next week. I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about that tzatziki.

 tzatziki Greece

Grilled veggies with a balsamic cream drizzling.  A scrumptious treat for my vegan friend who has to listen to us rave about the tzatziki.

grilled vegetables

The shrimp linguine is also something that really left an impression on me after I tried a bite when a friend ordered it the first time we visited Dafnofillo. As you can tell, I have issues. They have the al dente thing down to a perfection. The sauce has a bit of cream (always a plus) and you definitely can tell it is a seafood pasta, but not overwhelmingly so.

Shrimp Linguine

Someone (who shall remain nameless) in my group ordered something super boring. Don’t get me wrong, bifteki is a staple on taverna menus across Greece. It’s a glorified burger patty with some breadcrumbs and seasoning. When you have so many tasty, exciting options on the menu at Dafnofillo, its just kind of a lame order.

Greek Bifteki

Dafnofillo is a favorite spot of ours for a long, lazy afternoon lunch. Check it out next time you are in central Glyfada and have a group of indecisive diners with you!

Address: Geor. Kondyli 8, Glyfada
Phone: 21 0894 9991
Hours: 12pm-1am
Website: www.dafnofillo.gr
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dafnofillo


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