O Πρόεδρος Κεμπαπτζίδικο / Proedros Kebaptzidiko

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The name of this southern favorite means ‘The President’.  I’d say this place lives up to its name.

This is our ‘go-to spot’ when we are with people visiting from abroad.  I’ve been to this place with people from 24 different countries (I actually just made a list because I was curious about the number).  

Proedros Glyfada

There are 4 locations in Athens: Melissia, Moschato, Alimos and Glyfada  I’m going to talk about the Glyfada location, as that is my home base- but I’ve heard the quality and atmosphere is consistent at each location.  

“Why always take people to the same place?”  

Allow me to explain why Proedros is my go-to spot…


Proedros is located near the main Glyfada Plateia, so if people are coming by bus or tram, it’s a quick walk.


The restaurant was built into an old house with it’s outdoor seating area filling the old courtyard of the house.  The design and decor of this place takes you to a village of yesteryear.  

Everything in typical Greek white-wash with lights strung from tree to tree, just like you find in the villages.

Have a look at the pictures on the wall and see if you recognize a familiar face.   

Proedros Glyfada


If you are looking for a quiet, romantic evening- this is not the place for you!

This place is PACKED on weekend nights, summer nights and weekend afternoons (especially Sundays in the winter if the sun is shining – they set some outdoor tables for those who really want to soak in the Greek sun and fresh air).

It’s a lively place where time can slip away from you.


Proedros is a Kebab Restaurant (Κεμπαπτζίδικο) with a full menu of meats on the grill.  They have huge mixed platters for sharing or you can order ala-carte.  The portions are generous and I’m usually full by the time the meat comes.  

My favorite dishes you should definitely try:

  • Tyrokafteri: spicy cheese dip
  • French fries: fried fresh potatoes topped with salt and oregano.  BEST IN TOWN
  • Mixed salad: various greens and other veggies

Salad Glyfada

  • Imam:  eggplant stuffed with onion, garlic and tomatoes, and simmered in olive oil sprinkled with feta
  • Chicken kebab: seasoned minced chicken cooked on the grill (not to be confused with souvlaki which is pieces of meat on the grill- I’m sure that is great too, but kebabs are their specialty here)

Kebab Glyfada

  • Kebab Giaourtlou:  pita bread lined dish, layered with kebabs (beef and lamb minced meat), yogurt and tomato sauce.

Giaourtlou Glyfada

  • Kanafeh: cheese pastry soaked in sweet, sugar-based syrup
  • Portokalopita: orange cake soaked in sugar syrup


I’ve had 8pm reservations at this place on a Saturday and been the last table to leave after midnight (a couple of times).  It’s always a great feeling when the bill comes and a group of friends have eaten to their heart’s desire and drank carafe upon carafe of wine and everyone is shocked at how low the total is.  

Reservations suggested for weekend evenings – you can even make them online.

Greek Vocabulary

President = Πρόεδρος | Proedros

Kebab Restaurant = Κεμπαπτζίδικο | Kebaptzidiko

O Πρόεδρος
Address: Savva Lazaridi 3, Glyfada 16675
Phone: 21 0898 5642
Hours: 12pm-1:30am
Website: www.kebaptzidiko.gr

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Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.


  1. Mary

    The food, the atmosphere, the location the pricing, all add up to a thumbs up value!

  2. Kokhao Prommakong Winchester

    Amazing place! Great food! Got more than what we paid for. Totally recommend it. Love the place! Lovvvveeee

    • Jessica

      Yes, the quality and value at this place is unbeatable!

  3. Christina Johnson

    This was the restaurant we went to for our first dinner in Greece. It was amazing! We loved everything that was ordered for us. The salad, kebabs, spicy cheese dip, and FRENCH FRIES were so good. On one of the final days of our trip we specifically asked to eat Proedros again. We can’t wait to make this our first stop during our next trip! Great recommendation Jessica!



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