My Favorite Places to Eat, Drink & Be Merry on the Athens Coast

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Best Restaurants Athens Coast
I’ve been residing in the Νότια Προάστια (Southern Suburbs) since 2010 and have tried my best to sample all it has to offer.

From traditional Greek classics to delicacies from foreign lands, here are my favorite places.


Σπιτικό Απλά (Spitiko Apla) is located on the main square in Glyfada and is open from lunch time until 2am.

Get a gyro in a pita wrap or as a merida (full portion), you will not be disappointed!

Recommendation: Chicken gyro pita wrap with their mustard lemon sauce   

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I’ve  given due praise to O Πρόεδρος (O Proedros)  with one of my first articles on this site.  Have a look HERE for my detailed review.

This place is GREAT for group dinners and lunches where you fill your table with many different dishes and  try a bit of everything.

Recommendation: French Fries are a MUST!  Spicy cheese dip (τυροκαυτερή/tirokafteri), tomato sauce (on app menu- just trust me), mixed salad and chicken kebab (minced meat kebab, not shish-kebab). 


Σαρδελακι (Sardelaki) has a location in Glyfada as well as a beautiful seaside restaurant in Vouliagmeni.  If you are going for the WOW factor, hit up the one in Vouliagmeni.

Recommendation: Health conscious days= Sardelaki salad & grilled sardines.  ‘Other days’=fried gavros, fried kalamari and french fries.  Oh and always OUZO!


Am I in Naples or Glyfada?  Peccati di Gola will fool you into thinking you are in Italy.  It is the real deal, people!

Recommendation: Cesar salad with bacon (always go with bacon), spicy bread-sticks, pizza diavola, gnocchi with cream and mushrooms and any pasta with red sauce.  Basically the whole menu.  


I’m longing to have a favorite Mexican place in Greece…


SIN Burger Bar makes me kind of want to move to Paliao Faliro.  Not so I could eat burgers every day, but just because I like their style.  Just normal, friendly service in a pleasant environment.

Read our full post on SIN Burger Bar

Recommendation: I go with just a basic cheese burger because I am old school like that.  We did try the sloppy joe quesadillas once and they were pretty tasty.  Sinner’s cocktail- Have 2, live a little.  If ordering dessert, order to share- snickers (or was it turtle?) cheese cake and brownies with ice-cream are big ol’ portions.      

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DRY & RAW by Drakoulis has taken my heart as my favorite steak joint on the Coast.  Butcher shop by day, selective eating establishment by night.  I say selective because they only have a few tables in the basement of the shop.

The cool thing about this dining experience is that you select your meat from the cooler, the size that you want and they cut it and prepare it exactly as you wish.

Honorable mention to MOOUU who is a close second!

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Koi is my sushi pick.  Locations in both Voula and Glyfada to get that sushi in your belly!

Recommendation: Dear Koi, Put Unagi back on the menu!  

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Salad-up is a place that I would spend a lot more money at if they were closer to my house.  Please stay where you are, Salad-up.  They actually do have delivery, but I generally only use my delivery app, so I forget about that.

Salads, wraps and smoothies- oh my!

Recommendation: Cesar salad with bacon.  

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Afternoon Delight

I am not a coffee drinker, so I am a bit of an anomaly here in Greece.  Greeks love coffee and have perfected ‘going for coffee’ (which means going to a cafe and sitting for hours and talking).

If I am going to meet up with a friend for an afternoon drink – coffee, tea, wine, whatevs- I like to go to Ark.  I go for the view and because I like the decor.  It is a big place and sometimes the service can be very slow, but if you are just going for a drink, just chillax and wait your turn.  (HA!  I never do this, I just mumble under my breath until I get served.)

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Coffee to go

Black Cup in central Glyfada is perhaps my husband’s one true love in life.  You can check out their artwork in this post > What Coffee are all of the Greeks Drinking?

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Brewklyn is the best bar in Glyfada.  Period.

Friendly service and a warm environment make this place the best.  Read more about it HERE.

The only problem is that too many people know this fact and I can never get in there any more on weekends because it is so busy.

Recommendation:  Stop in here early on in the evening or on a week night and have a Mexican pizza (hold the corn).  

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Happy Hour

has  nice little happy hour with glasses of wine for 2.50€ and cocktails for 4.50€ from 6pm until 9pm.

Recommendation: Green and Greek cocktail

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Wine Bar

Cava Vegera is kind of like an adult candy store.  On the main floor they have a random mix of international foods, sauces and snacks and the upstairs is chock-full of booze!

It is a happening area, just off the Voula Plateia that is a popular meeting spot for locals.

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I am always looking to try new places and dishes that are ‘musts’ so please leave a comment with your favorites!

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