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Use Athens Coast Social Media to help you plan your time on the Coast | Athens, Greece
Athens Coast’s number one objective is to inform the world about this wonderful area and we are using various social media platforms to do so.  Are you following?

Social Media.  So many discussions these days regarding those two little words.  ‘Member life before social media?  ‘Member planning a trip before the internet?  As annoying as it can be, I’ll take social media and all of its flaws.  If for no other reason, simply because it has made life for planning-aholics like me much easier.

Let us help you!  You can use our social media accounts to see what’s going on and what looks good to you.  We feature things to do, places to visit, food and drink related posts- anything that pertains to life on the Coast.

Believe it or not, there is some order and thought put into what goes on our various social media pages.  We care about our little social media guys and take care of them and groom them so that they are beautiful and most beneficial for you!  I’m going to break it all down for you so you can use them to enrich your life to the fullest.


Athens Coast Facebook

We use our Facebook feed to share articles from our site and articles pertaining to the Athens Coast area.  Anything from Faliro to Sounio is all fair game and of interest to us and our readers.

You’ll find the occasional (general) Athens article thrown in there and maybe even a Greek cultural tidbit thrown in to mix things up.

There is a group that is a personal extension of Athens Coast where you can ask questions and share information about the Coastal communities of Athens. Locals and Visitors alike are encouraged to inquire about where to go, what to do, where to eat… all of the things involved with living the ‘good life’ on the Athens Coast. Ask a Local : Athens Coast Q & A

Athens Coast Facebook


Athens Coast Instagram

The idea for Athens Coast was born in 2014, so that is also when the Instagram page started.  When we started there were a few VERY random posts that had used the tag #AthensCoast (I’m talking like an architectural mock up of a countertop random).

At the time I am writing this, there are over 4,ooo posts that have used our hashtag.  That is very exciting for us and I still smile when I see people sharing their moments and using the tag.  Keep ’em coming people!

Along with our own pics, we also re-post pics tagged #AthensCoast that we absolutely love.

Athens Coast Instagram


Athens Coast Twitter

Our Twitter account is probably my personal favorite because it has a broader scope of information and it includes all of the Events.

We tweet things related to all of Greece and travel tips that apply to visitors to Greece.  We also share things about Athens and of course our own material.  #VisitGreece and #ThisIsAthens are tags we often use.

On our site we have an Events calendar that you can subscribe to for weekly updates.  We also share them on twitter with the hashtag #AthensCoastEvents so you can easily find events that are going on.

Athens Coast Twitter 


Athens Coast Tumblr

A cool thing that we are using Tumblr for is to share ideas of things to do on the Coast.  It may be dinner out, a movie and some ice-cream or a nice walking path with a great little cafe along the way.  We are using the tag #AthensCoastIdeas  and we share them other platforms as well.

We want people to Make the Most of the Coast, whether they are a local or visitor!

Athens Coast Tumblr 


Athens Coast Pinterest

On Pinterest we have boards with each of ‘our’ neighborhoods as well as some dedicated to the center of Athens and Greece in general.

Pinterest can be a really fun way to plan your trip, but can also consume hours of your life– so be careful!

Athens Coast Pinterest 


Athens Coast Google+

Our Google+ is chock-full of great resources, but I’m not sure if anybody is seeing it.  Anyone out there use Google+?

Athens Coast Google+


Coming soon…

Athens Coast YouTube

Everything that we post is beneficial both for the local community as well as visitors who are planning their trip to the area.  We are eager to interact and answer any questions you may have.  See you online!

We’d like to give a shout out to the marketing help that we received from the experienced mentors we worked with from Growthmentor.

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