UnderDog Pet Care in Glyfada gets TopDog Rating

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Underdog Glyfada Pet Services
UnderDog in Glyfada offers top-notch services for your four legged friends, specializing in grooming and pet sitting.

UnderDog caught my eye a few years back when I was walking down Metaxas, simply because of their cute logo.

Underdog Glyfada Dog grooming

Self Pet Wash

A service  they offer that caught my eye was the ‘Self Pet Wash’.  Τι είναι αυτό; (What is that?)  I contact them via Facebook and got the low-down.  It is exactly what it sounds like.  You go in and wash your own pet using their facility and supplies.

We made an appointment and spent a wholesome Friday night, washing our dog at UnderDog.

My husband took control and with the guidance of Kelly from UnderDog, got to work.

It was really nice to use their tub with lighting all around and the pup stabilized by a leash.  Benji is pretty good with baths in general, but it was much easier to maneuver with their set-up.

Underdog Self Pet Wash Athens

The staff was attentive and was there to point us in the right direction and helped with his nail clipping.  There was no way I was going to attempt that on my own!

While we we busy with Benji, there was a lot of activity going on in the ‘Salon’ and ‘Pet Sitting’ area.  It was fun to watch all of the dogs come and go and get all fancied up.

Q&A with the owner, Kelly

Kelly was super knowledgeable and you could just tell that she really enjoys working with dogs.  We asked her a few questions about UnderDog….

What inspired you to start UnderDog?

I’ve always loved pets especially dogs and have been a proud owner all of my life . I got involved with pet matters through the years and began to learn about the needs of pet grooming in 2014.

I decided to attend seminars and courses and I found out that the service level provided on the field was intermediate and in some cases dangerous. This prompted me to set up my own brand and take it to the level I wanted it to be.

What services do you offer?

Pet Bath: We bathe your four-legged friend using the best shampoos without chemical ingredients that fit pets skin and hair without removing the natural oils of his skin.

Then next step is a massage with softening / moisturizing cream so the hair remains beautiful and soft. The skin remains moisturized, our pets feel better and forget about any itching.

We clean the ears using a herbal cleansing solution to remove dirt, hair and unnecessary wax.  Teeth brushing is done with a special toothpaste to fortify your dog’s oral health.

Next up, nail trimming and then it’s drying out time. For cooperating dogs, we use a special blaster to remove dead bristles and dry the hair. If your pet is stressed by drying, we use a remote dryer with lukewarm air and comb it until it dries.

Finally, we perfume using a female perfume for girls and male for boys, specially designed for our four-legged friends!

Haircut: The haircut is proportional to the needs of your dog’s breed and according to your taste! Bathing, drying, combing and finishing touches will follow. Bath service is included. (You can choose a regular haircut with trimming machine, scissors or stripping technique.)

Underdog grooming Glyfada

How many dogs can you spot?

Grooming: We treat the coat according to its needs and we groom the areas that are constantly dirty (genital area, belly and paws). We spruce the head, clean the eyes from tear secretions and mow the beard. Bathing, drying and hair-styling follow.

If you like, you can also select pet hair color/details ( Pet hair chalk is used ) or a pet tattoo (colors are removed with plain water).

Self Service Wash: We provide you with the professional equipment and guidance to give your pet a bath! We supply the right shampoo for its skin and coat, towels and appropriate combs! An opportunity to get closer to your pet without having to clean the whole house.

Pet Sitting: Day sitting- Make your work unhurried and calm without stress! Specially designed wooden parks are waiting to accommodate your pets so you can easily dedicate yourself to your demanding program. Long term hosting can be scheduled as well.

Delivery: For our services you can request the transportation of your pet by us.

Pet Grooming Products: In our shop you can find a vast variety of professional or retail grooming products like shampoos, combs and cosmetics.

Why are you different from other groomers?

We are true pet lovers and we give attention to detail. All of our staff has recognized long-serving expertise.

There is no sharp timeline for our services, meaning that a pet is a soul which has its own habits and character, and we won’t force the pet to cooperate to our human schedule demands.

We keep high standards for all clients and your pet will leave our shop as if it was ready to participate in a pet show.

A warm environment for pups

You can feel the dog-love in the air in UnderDog.  I know this sounds cheesy, but any dog parent knows how important it is to feel that you are leaving your furbaby in a caring environment.

Their location is perfect for dropping your dog off for pet sitting while you are whizzing around Glyfada.  

Also, I highly suggest the Self Pet Wash as a fun activity for the whole family.

UnderDog Pet Care
Leof. Dimarchou Aggelou Metaxa 44, Glifada 166 74
Phone: 21 1770 7007
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theunderdog.gr


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