Hanging Out at Balux Cafe : The House Project

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Balux Cafe : The House Project is a Glyfada staple.  It is centrally located along the Athens Coast, which makes it a great meeting spot from all directions- 10km from Paliao Faliro and 9km from Varkiza.

I recall the first time I heard about The House Project.  I was living in Voula at the time and was on a plane reading the Athens Airport Magazine ‘2Board’.  In the section that features new spots to check out in Athens, I read about Balux Cafe : The House Project.  I was excited because it looked like a cool concept and it was so close to me!  I think I even ripped out the page to reference later.

The House Project has an interesting layout and just like the article stated, it is divided into different areas to resemble a house- everything from the kitchen to game room.

We all know that any proper house needs a revamping now and again.  This house is no different.  A renovation was done in late 2014  and they added some really nice touches to keep things trendy and modern.

Balux Glyfada

This is definitely a house I would like to live in.  Did I mention that the west wall is entirely glass and overlooks the beautiful Saronic Gulf?

When you walk out towards to water you will find tables set up on a deck close to the building and others on a lower terrace at beach level.  BEACH!?! It just keeps getting better and better.

Not only is The House Project one of the coolest cafes to hang out at, it also is the entrance for a beach which happens to be the coolest beach in Glyfada to hang out at.

Let’s Get Coffee!

Today we are not focusing on the beach or the food served at Balux.  We are categorizing this one in “Things To Do”.  If you have spent a good deal of time in Greece, you will understand that having a coffee is not about the actual coffee, it is a social meeting with friends.  When you are making plans with a friend, the correct terminology is “Let’s get coffee.”  Perhaps you will eat, perhaps you will have a beer – it all falls into the category of ‘getting coffee’.

Balux Athens

The House Project has two separate menus for coffees and teas.  The variety is dizzying!

At any time of day you will find an eclectic crowd enjoying this space… friends gossiping on a comfy lounge, business associates having a power lunch, tourists instagramming the cool decor.  It’s a fun place to spend time and people watch.

Balux is a family friendly place and you will find kids running around throughout the property, but they usually are concentrated around the soft play area off to one side.

This place is a very popular destination year-round thanks to the relaxed cafe vibe, but in the summer it is beyond popular.  All day you have people going in and out between the cafe and the beach.   The bar gets very busy mixing up frappes and mojitos because they service a very large beach.  Your order may take awhile.  It is truly a mad house on Sundays in the summer.

I personally love this place in the winter for the comfy atmosphere with a nice glass wall safely protecting me from the blustery elements of Greek winter.  It’s warm decor is inviting and warm drink options, endless.

Balux Cafe House Project

Balux Cafe : The House Project
Address: 58 Posidonos Ave. Glyfada 16674
Phone: 21 0898 3577
Hours: 8am-2am

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Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.



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