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Kevin is an American with Colombian heritage who happens to love everything about the Greek culture.  He has been to Greece twice and made friendships that will last a lifetime.  He works in public relations in New York.

Why did you choose to stay along the coast?

I wanted to go to Greece since I was in high school when I fell in love with the culture. I had the opportunity to stay on the coast because the lodging for my study abroad program through SUNY Stony Brook. We stayed at the Sea View Hotel in Glyfada.

I got to call Glyfada my home for four beautiful weeks. Staying on the coast was very convenient because of the proximity to the beaches and the shopping district in Glyfada. I chose to stay there a second time this past year because I was already familiar with the surroundings and wanted to experience it all over again.

Which is your favorite beach and why?

My favorite beaches are down in the Limanakia (as pictured above). There is just an unexplainable natural beauty of the landscape; how the roads curve and the crystal clear water. Furthermore, it is very inexpensive compared to the more luxurious beach clubs that one can go to.

What is your favorite area to spend time in during the day and why?

My favorite thing to do while I was on the coast, was to go to the beach, relax and have my daily frappé  Otherwise, I tried to do as many things as possible. Often, I would go into Athens during the day to get the most out of my visit.

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For a night out, which area do you prefer and why?

For a night out in Athens, I really like to go to the bouzoukia halls. I love Greek music and the singers. Getting to see them in Greece is always on my bucket list. Every time they come to New York I try my best to see them perform. But, I will say that bouzoukia in Greece is a thousand-times better than bouzoukia in the states.

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Are there any businesses that you would like to specifically acknowledge?

Some places I’ve really enjoyed were Opus Inner Pleasure, Joy Bar, Pere Ubu, Bolivar Beach Bar, and Balux among others. I’ve been lucky to have my stays accompanied by amazing hospitality at the Blue Sky Hotel and Sea View Hotel.

Do you have any tips for someone who is visiting the Athens Coast for the first time?

My tip is to not be afraid of using public transportation and getting out of your comfort zone to immerse yourself in the culture. Leave the main tourist hub and get lost, it’s ok–it’s a part of the beauty of travelling. Also, eat, eat, eat. There is amazing food in Athens, especially on the coast.

What should the rest of the world know about the Athens Coast?

The Athens Coast is Greece’s hidden secret. Explore it, treasure it.



Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.



Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.

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