Weather on the Athens Coast

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It is no secret that Athens has pretty amazing weather.  

But what you may not know is that along the coast, we have even nicer weather! 

In this post, we have broken down the four seasons and how each affects the beach life and general lifestyle on the Athens Coast.  

Winter on the Athens Coast

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Contrary to popular belief, we do have a winter and we complain about it being cold.  

January is the coldest month with an average temperature of around 10°C (50°F).  


Winter is supposed to be wet and cloudy, but that isn’t always the case.  On average, Athens has 97 days a year with precipitation.  

Even when it does rain it usually doesn’t go on for days, just some rain and then the sun will pop out at some point.  

Beaches in the Winter

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Some brave souls swim year round at the Athens beaches.  

Don’t be surprised if you are strolling along the coast and see little dots out in the water- those are probably swim caps!  

If you are out and about mid-morning along the public beaches, you’ll see local citizens (usually retirees) chatting with their neighbors before or after going for a dip.  

If the weather conditions are right, you’ll find the Athenian surfers out in full force in Vouligameni bay. 

Lifestyle in the Winter

Athenians are cafe creatures, so weekends during non-beach season are the time to meet with friends and sip on coffee for hours.  

If the sun is shining on a weekend, the beach cafes and coastal restaurants are alive and kicking.  People see sun and they immediately head toward the water, even if they are wearing winter coats and boots. 

Spring on the Athens Coast

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Spring brings more sun and less rain with the average temperature in April being 16°C (61°F).

Spring is also the windiest season in Greece and believe it or not, the wind even brings sand from Africa!

There are days that there is a yellowish haze over the city and everything is covered with a fine layer of yellow dust.  It is actually sand from the Sahara desert.

Beaches in the Spring

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After the cold (HA!) winter, people have spring fever and are itching to get to the beach.  Beach season can start as early as mid April.

The sea water temperature starts to warm up in April so we see more and more swimmers taking their annual first dip in the Aegean.

For those not quite ready to face the cool sea temperatures, the sandy beaches of Athens are a safe place to stay.

Many of the organized beaches will open up once the weather is nice enough and you may get lucky and not have to pay an entrance fee because they haven’t officially opened for summer yet.

Lifestyle in the Spring

With the spring fever previously mentioned, people are out and about.  The streets are filled with people wanting to get out and walk around without their winter jacket.

Cafes and restaurants move tables outside for those wanting to soak up the sun and enjoy the fresh air.

It’s always an exciting time of year as the anticipation for our beloved summer builds.

Summer on the Athens Coast

This section is what we are known for.  Hot summers!

Perfect for days at the beach and al fresco dining in the evening.  August takes the cake as the hottest month with an average temperature of 30°C (86°F).

We don’t see much rain in the summer, but if we do, it usually is early on.  It’s pretty rare to have clouds in August.

Beaches in the Summer

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Athens beaches are rocking in the summer time.

You basically could spend all day and even night at most of the beaches along the Athens Coast.

Whatever your style, loud beach club with a young vibe or a quiet, secluded cove outside of the city… you can find it all during summer in Athens.

Lifestyle in the Summer

The summer brings the entire city of Athens to the coast, especially on Sundays.  The increase of tourists is a welcome addition to the summer time population and cafes, restaurants and bars overflow in the warm summer nights.

June is absolute buzzing along the coast and by the time we hit July, everything is in full swing.

August can be a bit more quiet in the city due to many locals leaving for holidays elsewhere in Greece.

That being said, the beach is never quiet in August because everyone who remains in the city, is there.  Mainly in the shopping areas, especially around August 15, you will notice it quieter during the day and some establishments even close for a week or two.

Autumn on the Athens Coast

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This is my favorite time of year in Greece.

A breath of fresh air after a hot and hectic summer.  Temperatures hanging in the low 20s for as long as possible with the occasional cloud and rain shower.

The weather can really change quickly in the fall- hot, cold, rain, warm all in one week!

Beaches in Autumn

After heating up all summer, the sea is still at a nice temperature in September, so the beaches are still busy.

Most of the organized beaches will wind down as the temperature falls and as in the beginning of the summer, may not charge an entrance fee as the number of people at the beach is low.

Lifestyle in Autumn

You’ll notice locals prematurely wearing their new fall fashions as they are excited for the change in seasons.

Tourists are still in tank tops and flip flops while the locals already have their new sweaters and winter accessories ready to show off.

Sweaters and jeans are perfect for hanging out with a warm coffee while still sitting outside in October, enjoying the autumn weather. 


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