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SIN Burger Bar in Palaio Faliro: Official Review

SIN Burger Bar

If you’re a burger enthusiast, then the hunt for the “best burger” never ends.

Even when you think you might have stumbled upon the best burger of all time, a part of you knows well that somewhere, some place, there is a burger that’s even better.

My hunt for the best burger on the Athens Coast will never end. As long as there are new burger establishments opening, I will be there to try sample their goodness.

Which is exactly what we did a few days ago when we decided to try the relatively new Sin Burger in Palaio Faliro.

When you step foot in the place you get the feeling you’re in the right place for a “special” burger delight. From their eclectic interior design style, to their calming dim lighting, the vibes were pleasant.

There’s nothing worse than burger restaurants that thinks they can get away with tacky, repulsive decor just because “they’re a burger joint.”  

While refined, it maintained a welcoming neighborhood feel thanks to the super friendly staff.

Le’ts talk about the burger!

Price: €9.5

Cooked: Medium Rare [legit]

The burgers is one that you can comfortably eat with your hands.

I got the Jack Daniels version which was only a few Euros more than the classic that came with grilled bacon and real melted real cheddar cheese.

Sin Burger Bar Athens

The Meat

100% pure beef. No bread, egg, and other unnecessary fillers.

If you appreciate the ability to taste the beef in its true unadulterated way, then you’ll like this burger.

I ordered it medium rare, and the waiter chuckled saying that it’s the only way to eat it. I kind of had a good feeling about the place after hearing that. I wasn’t disappointed.

The Bread

Attention to detail is important when you’re going to a burger specialist with aim to be impressed. And a buttered up and toasted bun was a move in the right direction for Sin Burger.

Still warm to the touch, this burger bun was top notch. You’ll especially be a fan if you prefer your burger buns soft and moist rather than hard and flaky.

Recommended Extras

Their menu was filled with loads of amazing sounding appetizers, salads, and main course options so we didn’t have a chance to try as much as we wanted to. But this is what we did manage to sample:

Onion Rings

Price: €6

sin-burger-onion-ringsSinners cocktail

Price: €7

Their signature cocktail with Whiskey, Rum, Amarreto, Bitters, and a Maraschino cherry on top. Great balance between sweet and bitter.


Tip: If you want to let loose, suggest not driving because you can go through a couple without noticing. They’re that good.


A great mix of 90’s classics, soft ballads, and choice picked lounge tracks. It’s the type of music that lets you know it is there, but then sits comfortably in the background respectively.

Final Thoughts

Burger Sin has surpassed Burger Joint and is now my #1 favorite burger on the Athens Coast. If you disagree, that’s cool. Be sure to make your voices heard in the comments below.

SIN Burger Bar
Address: Agiou Alexandrou 26, Paleo Faliro 175 61
Phone: 21 0980 2116
Hours: 5pm-1am



Just a dude trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents.



Just a dude trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents.

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