A kiddie oasis just off Metaxas Ave in Glyfada : Oliver Family House

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Oliver Glyfada
Are you looking for a place for your kids to burn off some energy while you can regain yours?  Find the Plaza Mall at Metaxas 37, turn into the main corridor off the street and look for Oliver!

What is Oliver Family House?

Besides an aesthetically pleasing courtyard / garden cafe, it is also a super kid-friendly hang-out.  Moms and dads deserve coffee breaks too!

The idea behind Oliver Family House was to create a relaxing space for families to spend time together- whether it be playing all together or maybe with mom and dad at the table having a drink while the kids play within their sights.  A place where moms can have the best of both worlds by taking the kids somewhere fun AND meeting with their friends who don’t have kids in an atmosphere that is not an over-the-top, complete circus.

Oliver Glyfada

Kids Activities

I visited Oliver Family House with a friend and two little ones.  The first thing we did (we obviously have our priorities straight) was ask about children’s activities. For a very reasonable 4euros a child, the activities included treasure hunts, coloring and drawing, childrens’ play theatre, arts and crafts etc.  When we walked in, there was a baking session in progress!

Oliver splits their activities into two age groups- toddlers and 4-8.  They didn’t seem too fussed about the age guidelines – so if a 7 year-old wants to color quietly with the 3-year olds, that’s fine.

kids room Oliver

Adult stuff

With the kids occupied and out of the way, (yup, I did just say that) we sat down and grabbed menus.   I was surprised at the variety of fare on offer- coffees, smoothies, cocktails, health food, burgers, kiddie drinks…you name it.  I ordered the Mini Cheese burgers (8.80)- 4 mini cheeseburgers served with fries, side salad, ketchup and mayo- yummy, highly recommended. My friend ordered a Pizza Margherita (6.50)- she said it was really good. The kids got chicken nuggets (5.90) and fries from the Kids Menu.

Fully enjoying the Greek cafe scene can be a daunting task with little ones in tow- mainly due to the lax smoking regulations.  Inside Oliver Family House there is no smoking allowed, however you may find people smoking in the outside portion.  (Non-Smoking Restaurants on the Athens Coast)

Oliver Family House has a very friendly, cozy atmosphere, good lighting with different shaped tables.  I like that have complimentary magazines scattered about so if you go solo with the kids and send them off to play you have some reading material.   The staff are very helpful, understanding and used to unusual requests that come with kids in a restaurant.  It’s a lovely place for the whole family!

Oliver Glyfada

PS- Be sure to check out their Oliver Shop-in-Shop off to the side.  It’s a great little shop with things you can’t find in other shops around Glyfada.  It is my go-to place to stop in for a gift before a kid’s birthday party.

Oliver Shop


Oliver Family House
Address: Metaxas 37, Glyfada
Phone: 21 0898 6066
Hours: Monday to Thursday: 08:30 to 10:00
              FridaySaturday: 08:30 to 11:00
              Sunday: 09:00 to 10:00
Website: www.oliverfamilyhouse.gr
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OliverFamilyHouse

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