5 Tips for Running Along the Athens Coast

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If you enjoy running, you have come to the right place.  You basically could run from Palaio Faliro to Vouliagmeni, go past all of the Athens Beaches and get the ultimate Athens Coast experience.

On the below map, you will find a few running routes that I personally added, as well as a few public tracks located in different communities.  Now you know where to run, so I’ll give you some tips to help your run go as smooth as possible.

1. Weather

Look at the weather forecast and plan accordingly

Athens has on average 97 days a year with precipitation, but that does not mean that 97 days are out of the question for running outside.  On those few days we actually do have rain, it is usually just for part of the day.

I’d say that generally the weather is pretty predictable here.  You can look up at the sky and decide if you have 30 minutes or so to go for a quick run.

In regards to Athens Coast weather and running, my biggest obstacle is the heat. From May-September, it is either early morning, after dark or treadmill at the gym running for me.

The public tracks are nice for night running as they are well lit, but make sure and check their ‘open for public’ hours because local track teams may be practicing and you don’t want to get in their way (this happened to me and it was mortifying).

2. Running App

Share your run on social media and make your friends in colder climates jealous #AthensCoast

Are you traveling or a local without a huge data plan?  No worries!  Keep track of your running stats without using any cellular data.

RunKeeper is an app that I use on my phone while I run to keep track of time, my pace and other stats.  It does not require to be connected to the internet to use GPS to track your route.

Like Google maps, if you use the app while connected to wifi (in your home or hotel room) it will register where you are and the map will still show even when you are not connected.

3. Pavement Conditions

Don’t get totally consumed by the beach views and make sure and keep on eye on the ground

The tracks are great if you don’t like to continually watch the ground in front of you as you run.

Street running and even the paths along the beaches can be a bit rough- literally.

Sidewalks in Athens are not known for being the smoothest of surfaces.  Cracks, uneven surfaces, erosion, you name it, you’ll come across it.

4. Obstacles

Keep your head up and be prepared for anything

Besides the pavement, there are other things you need to watch out for if you decide to run along the coast.

      • Motorbikes driving on the pedestrian paths.  Yup.  This happens.
      • People live at a leisurely pace here and may take up the entire walk-way with their group as they slowly stroll along the beach promenade.
      • Sand on the pavement if you are near a beach- It can get slippery.  I have a scar to prove it.
      • People not following the ‘keep to your right’ etiquette rule of pedestrian walk-ways.
      • If you are crossing the street, always look both ways, even if it is a ‘one-way street’ because drivers may not follow that rule.

5. Be Inspired

Enjoy your surroundings and let the fresh sea air give you the extra ‘oomph’ to run further

So far I’ve recommended that you watch the ground and also in front of you at all times, which both sound like work.  Now I’m going to add, ‘enjoy your surroundings’.

Whether it is your daily routine or you are on vacation, running along the Aegean Sea is something that is pretty cool.  Everyone around you is enjoying the scenery and happy to be there, so take advantage of that positive energy and let it motivate you during your work-out!

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