Athens Coast Walking and Running Routes

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With sunshine close to year-round, there is no excuse not to get out and hit the pavement when in Athens, Greece.

Lace up those trainers and head to the coast!  We’ve mapped out 6 different routes for you to take along the Athens Coast whether you feel like going for a run or a nice leisurely stroll.

Alimos/Faliro Route

The route we have mapped out is just over 4km from Flisvos Marina to Nalu Cafe.  This path follows the tram line, so if you don’t feel like doing the whole thing, you can always hop on a tram and ride to your final destination in climate controlled comfort.

The Alimos/Faliro path is along the most urban part of the Athens Coast.  You will pass large organized beach areas, famous night clubs and trendy cafes all located between the Aegean Sea and the hustle and bustle of Athens.

The path allows you to stay on the beach side of busy Poseidonos Ave.

Glyfada Route

The Glyfada path also follows the tram line, but along less populated area of the Coast.

The path we marked out starts at 2nd Agios Kosma tram stop and goes for 4.23km all the way into the central Glyfada beach area, near Ark.

The area between 2nd Agios Kosma tram stop and Kentro Istioploias is just a paved walkway between the tram and the coast, with bushes lining the coastal side, so this portion is not scenic at all.

Once you pass Kentro Istioploias you are at the beginning of the 2km stretch of Glyfada public beaches and various marinas.

Voula Route

The Voula route we mapped out is just over 2km and starts at the terminal tram station and continues south along the shore until Vive Mar.

This is a very scenic path with the sea continually visible and with interesting rock formations along the beaches below.

If you are very ambitious, you can connect the Glyfada route with this one and even add the Kavouri route to it which would be about 9km from start to finish.

Kavouri Route

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Coming in off of Poseidonos and starting at the beginning of the first public beach, this route will go for 1.72km along the Kavouri coast.  This path takes you through a generally residential area dotted with luxurious hotels and coastal dining.

After about 600m (near the Divani Apollon Palace) the beach will appear to end- keep going and you will soon see where the path continues along the coast.

The middle part of the route is higher up from sea level and offers great views.

You eventually will end up in sandy beach area again and you can see how far you can make it along the shore climbing on rocks and through coves.

Vouliagmeni Route


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This is the shortest of our routes, but perhaps the most famous.

Just 1.5km around the Vouliagmeni Bay will leave you wanting more.  You don’t really need a map for this one because you can basically see your path the whole way around the semi-circular bay.

If you start near Sardelaki Me Thea, you’ll be higher up with a great view of the bay, the beaches and the water sports.  This is the winter surfing hot spot for the Athenian surfers.

Continue on down towards the main beach and curve around toward the point.  You’ll pass by many Athens Riveria legendary restaurants and the famous Astir Palace Resort.



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Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.



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