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Sounio Athens Coast
The one-hour drive from Glyfada to Sounio is an attraction all on it’s own.  

Sounio (or more properly Sounion) is home to the very popular ancient archaeological site of the  Temple of Poseidon.

Because it is located 60km from the center of Athens, many people will take a tour bus to visit the site.  Sunset tours are especially popular as the sunset here is amazing!

If you have a car rented, go for it, you will love the drive!  Once you are on the Athens Coast, you just head south and stay on the same road the entire time.  (See ‘local tip’ at the bottom of this article)

Don’t want to rent a car in Athens?  I don’t blame you… just hire a taxi.  Our favorite taxi driver George took a group of friends out to Sounio a few years back and they just loved it.  No need to worry about the hair-pin turns along the coastal road or the possibility of getting lost once you are back in Athens.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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You will go through many little seaside communities and past dozens of beaches, both organised and not.  During the summer months, especially on Sundays, the main road will be lined with parked cars belonging to Athenian beach-goers who want to escape the city.

On the drive to Sounio, there are many roadside ‘view point’ areas where you can pull over and take a look around and even climb down to the sea if you are feeling adventurous.  It’s Greece, anything goes!  Find a secluded cove and spend the day.

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Once you pass Anavysos and the famous row of fish tavernas, you’ll notice the buildings getting more scarce and the landscape more rugged.  Just keep going and enjoying the ‘big blue’ to your right. After awhile, you’ll suddenly see Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon resting atop.

Day Trip Suggestion

Aegeon Hotel has a beach that is open to the public for 5€ per chair.   The beach is located in a small bay with 2 seaside tavernas next door.  The hotel also has a full snack bar, bathrooms and showers available for all of the beach-goers.   It’s lovely to sit on the beach and look up and see a piece of ancient history RIGHT THERE!

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Local Tip

If you are driving, don’t let Google Maps take you through the mainland.  Hug the coast the entire way!

Sounio Route

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Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.

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  1. Athens by Car

    Very beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. Greece is worth visiting for its amazing sunsets by the Temple of Poseidon not mentioning its other picturesque scenes and views.



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