Taxis on the Athens Coast- The Inside Scoop

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Taxis are generally the quickest option to get to the Athens beaches, but there is the risk of getting stuck in traffic.

Taxi advice while on the Athens Coast

Getting the taxi

If you have your smartphone smarting-it-up while in Athens, definitely download the app ‘Taxi Beat’ if you plan on taking taxis.  

“You get to choose your taxi driver based on your specific needs, rather than have someone randomly assigned to you. Instead of flagging down a stranger, you get a trusted taxi driver, rated by other Taxibeat users.”   

More information about Taxibeat here > Athens Apps

Getting to the correct location

Even if your smartphone is not connected to the internet while traveling, save things on it ahead of time – like the name of where you want to go and addresses.

Find the name in Greek and save it to your phone so you can just show the driver that.

Getting charged the correct amount

Do not go with a driver who tells you a set amount, always use the meter.

Tell the driver right away that you will need a receipt.  This generally will keep them honest because it has all of their info on it.

Taxis from the Athens Airport

Follow the signs to the taxi queue between Exit 2 and 3 at the airport.

The coastal suburbs are NOT included in the flat rate (38€) that the taxis charge to the center of Athens.

Make sure they turn on the meter.   There will be an ‘airport fee’ of 4.22€ added on to your metered trip.  You may get charged 0.43€ per piece of luggage, it really depends on the driver.

Estimated Taxi Fares (from 5am-Midnight)

Airport to Glyfada:

  • Est. trip duration: 30 min
  • Est. fare: 28-32€

Airport to Vouliagmeni:

  • Est. trip duration: 25 min
  • Est. fare: 25-30€

Taxis from the center of Athens

The center of Athens can have congested traffic, so this really plays a role in your taxi ride to the coastal area.

Obvious issues are morning and evening rush hours and weekend beach traffic in the summer.

If you are staying in a hotel, ask at the front desk what they suggest is the best way for you to get to the coast.

Estimated Taxi Fares (from 5am-Midnight)

Syntagma to Glyfada:

  • Est. trip duration: 30 min
  • Est. fare: 17€

Syntagma to Vouliagmeni:

  • Est. trip duration: 35 min
  • Est. fare: 22€

Taxis from the Port of Piraeus

When you get off of your boat, DO NOT go with with first guy standing there who says:

“Taxi?  I give you ride.”

Go to the organized Taxi rank and wait in line.  The line moves quickly and these guys (SHOULD) use the meter.

There is a small ‘port fee’ that they add on of 1.18€ and as with the airport, you may get charged per piece of luggage.

Estimated Taxi Fares (from 5am-Midnight)

Port of Piraeus to Glyfada:

  • Est. trip duration: 30 min
  • Est. fare: 17€

Port of Piraeus to Vouliagmeni:

  • Est. trip duration: 35 min
  • Est. fare: 22€

Our Recommendation

If you are able to arrange your airport/port transfer ahead of time, we highly recommend George Dimakogiannis  (Mobile: 694 570 3977 | Email:  

He is a native English speaker and always extremely courteous, honest and on time.

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