Good Times Coming Your Way : Party Itinerary for Athens

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Athens Party Weekend
Full of culture and nightlife, Athens is an excellent option for a European city-break weekend with your friends.

“Athens is a city rich in history…”  how many times have you read that (or something similar) while researching your trip to Athens?  Maybe you just aren’t into all of that history stuff.  Is Athens still worth a visit?  YES!

I was contacted on live chat by Laura from the UK.

I have a group of 25-30 year olds visiting Athens in September and I am looking at 2 nights out on Fri & Sat and also a daytime activity on Sat.  They are staying at the Electra Metropolis downtown but I can see all the best clubs are in the Athens Riveria area…

Laura had done her homework and was right about the clubs along the Coast.

Typically in the summer the big clubs shut down in Athens and find homes elsewhere.  The Athens Coast is home to many of these and is bumping all summer long.

That being said, there are still so many fantastic bars that stay open all summer in the center of Athens.

After a few emails back and forth so I could get a feel for what the group was looking for, I devised a plan.

Friday Afternoon Poolside Delight

  • Arrange for a taxi to pick you up at the airport.
  • Hang out poolside at Electra Metropolis and enjoy cocktails on the roof in the center of Athens.

Friday Night Out in the Center of Athens

  • Have dinner at Tzitzikas Mermigas – you probably won’t be able to pronounce it, but don’t let that deter you.  The food is great!
  • Head over to Noel for some classy after dinner drinks.  In this area there are MANY bars so sample a few if you fancy.
  • On your way to Six d.o.g.s, you will swing through trendy Irinis Square.  Grab a drink at Tailor Made if you can find an open table.
  • Ready for some fresh air?  Pop over to Couleur Locale and take the elevator up.
  • Peek into TAF before you leave this area.  Shots anyone?
  • If you are still raring to go, grab a taxi and head to Gazi.  Rio Skybar and Hipster Rooftop are busy all summer long.

Saturday Beach Day

Feeling ok?  Nothing a little Vitamin Sea and a Greek iced coffee can’t fix!

Depending on what the group is interested in doing, I have two suggestions…

  1. Bolivar Beach Bar : This beach is close to the city center with a tropical theme.  You can get there by taxi or take the tram (about 40 min from hotel).  The beach bar is pumping out reggae tunes and the bartenders are hard at work keeping up with the mojito demand.  An easy beach to get to and just relax if you had a rough night.
  2. Varkiza Resort : Located outside of Athens, this beach is an all day destination with everything you could want.  From the hotel, it takes between 40-60 min by taxi.  They have water-sports, numerous eateries, shops, beach bars…  If the group is up for the trek, this a great spot because of the options.  If some want to try wind-surfing, while others snooze- this is your place.

Saturday Night Out on the Coast

I’m going to give two options again and the group can choose based on how the day went.  Hey, I’m a realist.  People usually go hard on their first night of a weekend away with big intentions of going strong the whole weekend.  Sometimes that happens, other times you run out of steam and want a quiet night on the second evening.

  1. Full of Energy : Head to the Coast and have dinner at Nalu. After dinner head next door to Akanthus and party the night away under the stars.  Bolivar is just down the beach, so you can check that out as well.
  2. Chilled Evening : Have dinner at Ark in Glyfada and end your evening with an after dinner cocktail there or head into Glyfada and check out the scene.  Grab a beer at Brewklyn or a glass of wine at one of the many street-side cafes.

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You may start out with this list saved on your phone with every intention of following it… until you randomly find a place that you love and end up staying there all night.  Athens is full of surprises around every corner, so hop on a jet and explore them with your crew!

As Laura did, ask me for assistance!  I love planning and am happy to assist people with having a good time.  Contact me with any questions you have about Athens and how you should spend your time here or Ask a Local!

Feature image : Hipster Rooftop

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Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.


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