Brewklyn Beer Bar in Glyfada

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Brewklyn beer
Brewklyn opened in June of 2016 and it was EXACTLY what Glyfada needed.

Not that we necessarily needed more beer or more pizza, but the chilled-out combo of the two is what we were missing.

Brewklyn has the feel of a neighborhood hang-out.  It’s very easy to visit this place once and declare it ‘my new spot’.

Outside seating on the busy Giannitsopoulou Street is perfect for people watching, especially in the summer months when twilight extends past 9pm.

Beer Glyfada

When I asked the owner about his inspiration behind the place, he simply said, “I wanted to make a place where I would like to hang-out.”  He went on to explain how the center of Athens has many places similar to Brewklyn, “more inviting and comfortable.”

They definitely attained their goal of ‘inviting and comfortable’.  The service here is the friendliest I have had at any bar in Greece.  Hands down.

Once the sun goes down, the inside has an inviting, cosy feeling with dim lighting and simple decor.


OK, OK!  Enough about the atmosphere.  About that beer and pizza I mentioned earlier…


The guys behind the scenes at Brewklyn truly are beer lovers.

When you arrive, it starts out with a vast menu categorized by the type of beer and all beers are marked with the country of origin.  If you have any questions whatsoever or are not sure about what to order, the knowledgeable staff will help to guide you in the right direction.

They offer over 80 varieties of beer at Brewklyn.  The beer lovers behind the bar are constantly bringing in new beers to try and keep things up-to-date.  They pay special attention to new and up-and-coming Greek breweries and are always rooting for the ‘home team’.


I am a bit of a pizza fanatic- sad, but true.  There is something about the pizza at Brewklyn that just fits so well with the whole atmosphere.  There is nothing fancy about it, just wholesome (can pizza be wholesome?) good ol’ fashioned pizza!

I’m pretty much a pizza purist.  I don’t  have wine with my pizza nor beer or anything else to take away from my pizza bliss.  BUT Brewklyn has changed me.  After a few occasions of indulging in the beer and pizza combo at Brewklyn, I find myself wanting more.  This is a very bad thing.  Curse you Brewklyn!

All curses aside, I must recommend the Mexican pizza.  This hot and spicy pizza goes so well with a cold beer.

Pizza Beer Glyfada

They do pizza take-away as well as dine in, so give them a call and grab a pizza to go.


Address: Giannitsopoulou 3, Glifada 166 75
Phone: 21 0894 3400
Hours: 6pm-2am



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