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Athens Coast surf
Julia is originally from Hungary and was transferred to Greece for work and is loving her active life on the Athens Coast. Luckily her office is close to the coast, so she can live close to work and ‘play’.

Which is your favorite beach and why?

Anavyssos. It is bit far, but it’s a great environment and clear water. Many beach bars and I love Kouros Surf Club there: you can rent windsurf equipment, take windsurf lessons. The bar/restaurant in Kouros Club is amazing: nice food and drinks with reasonable prices.

What is your favorite area to spend time in during the day and why?

I enjoy nature and I am a very active person. You can do jogging along the beach in Glyfada.
For long distance runs there is a nice stadium (originally built for the Olympics) in Agios Kosmas. (it is called Agios Kosmas).

You can run there from Glyfada beaches and back- will be around 9-10K meters. You can use the athletic fields also free- many people are running there.

For a night out, which area do you prefer and why?

Dinner and Drinks I prefer Glyfada. Nice variety of places to go.

You can chose a place based on your needs: more quiet or more lively, food /or just drinks etc.

Do you have any tips for someone who is a new resident on the Athens Coast?

You need to go and explore: ask Greek friends, or foreigners who live here, where to go. There can be some touristy places, that you want to avoid, however not so many luckily.


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What should the rest of the world know about the Athens Coast?

There are many places to visit, but you should always look for the less touristy ones. Eg: Flisvos Marina is very nice, however too crowded and full of tourists especially in the summer. The more south you go, the nicer are the beaches (I think). Varkiza is a good choice – not far , but not to close to the center. You will find nice tavernas, restaurants.

You can plan to visit close island for one – two day trips from Lavrio port, which is a great experience: like Kea, Syros, even Paros. To Lavrio it is like 1 hour drive from Glyfada.

The most unfortunate thing is that there are no bicycle roads along the coast, which is a shame, because you could ride your bike 12 months a year. riding a bicycle on the roads is dangerous, Greek people tend not to be so careful about pedestrians or bikers.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Good Surf clubs to learn in Varkiza in Yabanaki the YaSurfaki . The trainers are amazing, 2 guys , with great experience and lovely personality. Also the Vouliagmeni surf club : same there: great atmosphere and superb teachers.

For places to have a drink/eat: Alimos beach bars and beach places are nice, but check always opening hours in the winter time. Some places are closed for winter.

If you can afford, definitely buy a car to be able to drive around freely- it’s worth. You want to drive freely along the south coast to explore. Otherwise with buses it is time consuming and buses are not always reliable. Don’t need a fancy car, but you want to go for a safe one.

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