Wine Bars on the Athens Coast that Deserve your Attention

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Wine Bar Glyfada
Wine bars in Athens are becoming more and more popular.  Wine is such a basic part of Greek life that I suppose they never thought to showcase it in the past.

You can find wine EVERYWHERE in Greece- street kiosks, gyro shops, you name it, there is vino!

Greek wine is making it’s way forward on the international wine scene and some locals wanted to get in on the upward trend and create nice and comfy atmospheres for the winos of the Athens Coast to enjoy a glass or two.

Κάβα Φαίδων Nuts & Wine/Cava Faidon

Located just off of the main plateia in Voula, Cava Faidon quickly became a local favorite with their friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Half of the shop is dedicated to wine and spirits and the other to a premium delicatessen.  It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need to entertain at home!

Address: Agiou Ioannou 28, Voula 166 73
Phone: 21 5510 9975
Hours: 9am-12am

Cava Vegera – Voula

Cava Vegera is a busy place with a lot of things going on.  They have an extensive wine and spirits section upstairs and a wide selection of nibbles downstairs.

Besides grabbing your supplies to go, you can also have a seat and enjoy some wine and tapas from their Bistro menu.  Salads, Pizza, bruschetta and other specialties that change with the season.

Address: Vasileos Pavlou 61, Voula 166 74
Phone: 21 1012 5700
Hours: 10am-1am

Paleo Wine Store

Paleo in Piraeus is a real temple for wine lovers.  One of the best wine bar- restaurants in Greece, owned by one of the top sommeliers -Yannis Kaimenakis.

Address: Polidefkous 39, Pireas 185 45
Phone: 21 0412 5204
Hours: Mon-Sat 6:30pm-1:30am

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Villa Grigio 46

Villa Grigio 46 is a hopping place!  A great addition to the Faliro main drag of Ag. Alexandrou.

Enjoy a glass of vino or a signature cocktail from the bar in their lush courtyard.

Address: Agiou Alexandrou 46, Palaio Faliro 175 61
Phone: 21 0981 2080
Hours: 6pm-1am

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Located in central Glyfada, Vinarte is a unique venue offering great wine in a classy setting.

Vinarte hosts live music acts and features local artists.  Wine and art- a timeless combination.

Address: Maragkou 18, Glyfada 166 75
Phone: 21 0894 1511
Hours: 6pm-2am

Your Own Home

Book a private wine tasting/tutorial with Greece2Taste and they will bring the wine bar to you!

Where is your favorite place to enjoy a glass of wine along the Athens Coast?


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Americana chica enjoying the sunshine on the Athens Coast.

1 Comment

  1. Angie Glyfada

    Cava Vegera is a really friendly place with good vine and amazing food… Really good for every occasion. I will definitely go back ?



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